Hangzhou Iroga Sanitaryware Co., Limited

Hangzhou Iroga Sanitaryware Co., Limited

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Name: Iroga Sanitaryware
Tel: 0086-571-86378513
E-mail: info@irogasanitaryware.com
Add: Hangzhou,China
Skype: irogasanitaryware
QQ: 103325348
SKYPE: irogasanitaryware QQ: 103325348

About Us

As a manufacturer specializing in bathroom furniture, mirror cabinet and glass basin, Iroga Sanitaryware prides itself on the partnerships we create with our partners and the value we create for the end users all over the world. Everyday we strive to fulfill this mission and make sure our consumers feel that our products and services bring value to their lives. Our products and services have been brought to North America, South America, West Europe, East Europe and Oceania, etc. We are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province which is 2 hours' drive from Shanghai, and it's only 30 minutes' drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Welcome to visit us!

By the way, in the case of bank account, we'll use our trading division's name "Hangzhou Maotai Import And Export Co., Ltd".
                                         Showroom                                                                                            Showroom
                                        Service Team                                                                                       Office Area

                              Edge-bonding Machine                                                                             Engraving Machine

                                      Polishing Machine                                                                                Drilling Machine

                                       Joinery Room                                                                                       Joinery Room 
                                       Painting Room                                                                                      Painting Room

                                     Assembling Room                                                                                Assembling Room

                                      Packaging Room                                                                                Packaging Room

                                        Container Load                                                                                    Container Load